Asset Management One



Creating a sustainable future through the power of investment

Will the world we live in continue unchanged for the next 10 or 20 years?
There are many who would say no, and who harbor fears for the future.
And there's only so much we as individuals can do about it.

Is it impossible for future generations to inherit this beautiful world?
No. We still have time.
With this firm belief in mind, Asset Management One will change.
We will rise beyond the concept of an asset management company,
and become the asset management company of a new “sustainability” era.

We bring together the important investments entrusted to us by our customers and their hopes and thoughts for the future,
and use this to achieve the coexistence of a sustainable and creative society along with strong economic growth.
We will make this kind of investment as the norm.

To provide customers with prosperity in their lives.
To make children’s dreams come true.
We begin investing for a future that we can all be proud of.

Sustainability Policy

Procurement Policy
Asset Management One's commitment to human rights and our expectations that our business partners fully understand and cooperate in upholding this commitment
Requesting suppliers’ understanding and cooperation with Asset Management One’s approach to procurement

Sustainability Report

2023 Asset Management One Sustainability Report

2023 Asset Management One Sustainability Report Highlights

2022 Asset Management One Sustainability Report

2021 Asset Management One Sustainability Report