Asset Management One


Corporate Message

Creating a sustainable future
through the power of investment

We believe that investment has the power to support people and bring prosperity to society.

This is because investing lies at the source of economic activities that take the forms of providing products and services of use in daily livings, developing infrastructure for daily lives, and creating new values through innovation.

So what exactly is investment?
We consider investing to mean generating the potential inherent in money. Not only does money support corporate growth and produce economic returns, it has the ability to solve environmental and social issues through the activities of the recipients of investment, and bring prosperity to the world.

As professionals, we at Asset Management One face the investment experience of each individual, and give thorough consideration to the investments that we rigorously select on the basis of a medium- to long-term perspective in order to maximize the potential of the money that we are entrusted with, and maintain an unflinching focus on achieving results.

It is our commitment that we will faithfully fulfill our duties as an entrusted party, and will create a sustainable future through the power of investing together with you.

“Creating a sustainable future through the power of investment”
Asset Management One