Asset Management One


CEO's Message

President & CEO Noriyuki Sugihara

Noriyuki Sugihara
President & CEO
Asset Management One Co., Ltd.

Asset Management One is an asset management company that was established in 2016, and with one of the highest levels of assets under management in Japan, we provide management services to a broad range of customers that range from individuals to institutional investors.

With constantly changing social circumstances and diversifying customer needs, the role that asset management companies are expected to fulfill is becoming increasingly important. It is our hope that by leveraging the wisdom and knowledge pertaining to asset management that we have accumulated over the course of many years and providing the highest-grade products geared to match levels of risk and return, Asset Management One can serve its customers in achieving long-term asset formation. To this end, we shall work to further refine our management capabilities in order to provide returns to our customers over the medium-to-long term, our product capabilities in order to develop products and management solutions that meet the needs of each and every customer, and our service provision capabilities in order to enable us to provide the best services with added value to contribute to the fulfillment of our customers’ asset management and formation needs.

In order to achieve long-term asset formation for our customers, it is absolutely essential that we make a sustainable future a reality. Since our establishment in 2016, we have focused our efforts on ESG investments, and as a responsible asset management institution, we take a proactive approach to sustainable investment with the goal of realizing a sustainable society by engaging in constructive dialog (i.e. engagement) with the companies in which we invest and by exercising our voting rights. Furthermore, with our Corporate Message of “Creating a sustainable future through the power of investment,” we at Asset Management One realize that we ourselves must also implement sustainability management and pursue sustainability as we look to bring on board the companies in which we invest and build partnerships.

As asset management professionals, we shall provide the highest levels of solutions and services, and as an asset management company that enjoys support from all stakeholders and continuously creates value, we at Asset Management One shall work tirelessly to achieve our Corporate Message of “Creating a sustainable future through the power of investment.”