Asset Management One



Asset Management One Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") recognizes the importance of preventing money laundering and financing for terrorist attacks and the spread of weapons of mass destruction (hereinafter "money laundering etc."). To contribute to the maintenance and development of healthy financial systems, the Company will work to prevent the Asset Management One Group and the Group’s customers, officers, employees, etc. from being involved in money laundering etc.


  • The Group will seek to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to money laundering etc.
  • The Group will seek to avoid customers and transactions that may be connected to money laundering etc.
  • The Group will make arrangements appropriate to help prevent money laundering etc. and will carry out the following:
  • Risk evaluation related to money laundering etc.
  • Customer management, including customer identity verification, to prevent money laundering etc.
  • Notification of suspicious transactions and countermeasures including freezing assets

(Establishment of internal control systems)

  • To establish internal control systems to prevent money laundering etc., the Group will execute the following:
  • Development of structure and regulations for preventing money laundering etc.
  • Making the importance of preventing money laundering etc. and the roles of each officer and employee fully known to them through instructions to and training for them
  • Checking compliance status in association with the prevention of money laundering etc. and improving arrangements continually based on the results of the checking