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  • Infrastructure Debt Fund Investment (Commingled Fund)

Infrastructure Debt Fund Investment (Commingled Fund)

Investment Objectives

  • Our Fund mainly focuses investing in Infrastructure Related Debt portfolio consisted of senior project finance or project bonds. Those infrastructure projects will provide essential service and/or goods that fulfill the basic needs of the local community and that are vital to the country’s economy and well being.
  • The objectives of our Fund is to provide investors with a long term stable income return that is typically derived from predictable cash flow supported by regulation, contracts or monopoly features.

Industry Expertise with Global Access

  • Investment team of investment professionals with project finance expertise and experience
  • Access to Mizuho Bank’s origination capability, balance sheet and business network
  • Ability to take full advantage of Mizuho’s in-depth expertise built up over many years of project finance track record

Japan’s First Project Finance Debt Fund

  • $330mil. commitments from Japanese institutional investors, including life insurance companies, and public and corporate pension funds
  • Awarded PEI’s Investor Awards in 2017

Asset Management One Alternative Investments was selected to be on a short list of nominees for the award referenced above by the global edit team of PEI, and was selected as the winner of the award through a voting process by PEI readers. Asset Management One Alternative Investments did not apply for the award. The selection of Asset Management One Alternative Investments to receive the award was based in part on subjective criteria and a limited universe of candidates, and therefore there can be no assurance that a different global edit team or voters might not have selected other firms or transactions as the winners. The information provided above is solely for informational purposes and may not be representative of a particular investor’s experience, nor should the information be construed, or relied upon, as any indication of future performance of Asset Management One Alternative Investments or any of its funds.