Asset Management One


Our Vision


Asset Management One aims to provide products and services of the highest standard, underpinned by a strong sense of responsibility and ambition, as our customers' most trusted partner in the asset management industry.

Our mission is to actively engage in economic and social development through asset management, both at home and overseas, for the long-term benefit of our customers and society.


Drawing on our breadth of expertise as a global asset management company providing solutions for our customers' financial needs. We aspire to

Be our customers' most trusted company
We aspire to be our customers' most trusted and professional asset management company.
Provide products and services of the highest standard
We provide services of the highest standard, drawing on our significant expertise for our individual, corporate/pension and overseas customers.
Become a world-leading asset management company
We aim to become a leading global asset management company.


1. Fiduciary
We put the customer first in everything we do, working in partnership with our clients to build their assets over the long term. We perform our fiduciary duties as asset management professionals while adhering to the highest ethical standard, providing customers with the most appropriate products and services for their long-term benefit.
2. Courage
We employ a forward-thinking and progressive approach, maintaining a broad overview of trends in a constantly changing world, and think flexibly rather than just focusing on the past. We aim to pre-empt customers' needs and to efficiently predict changes in the market or socioeconomic conditions in order to identify appropriate asset management-based solutions and continue to boldly overcome challenges.
3. Open and fair
We are open and fair minded, working with respect for all. We work as a team, drawing on our wealth of experience and breadth of expertise, and aim to fully harness our combined capabilities.
4. Response
We quickly interpret market trends as they continue to change in order to provide our customers with the most suitable products and services promptly and accurately.
5. Passion
We listen carefully to our customers and to public opinion. We are determined to overcome any challenges, paving the way for a better future. We take responsibility for seeing everything through to the end, and as an indispensable partner for all of our customers are passionate about providing products and services of the highest standard.